Richie's Design Portfolio

My name is Richie and I created this portfolio to highlight my work for FreeCodeCamp. This site was developed with a custom WordPress theme based onĀ Underscores.

I’m currently pursuing the FCC Data Visualization Certification. Check back for more exciting projects!

simon project screenshot


Play the classic game Simon

quote generator screenshot

Quote Generator

A random quote generator.

pomodoro time screenshot

Pomodoro Timer

Customizable Pomodoro Timer.

calculator screenshot

Simple Calculator

Calculator for performing basic operations.

camper-news screenshot

Camper News

Display Free Code Camp news using API.

local weather screenshot

Local Weather

Display local weather using Open Weather Map and Google Maps API.

wikipedia viewer screenshot

Wikipedia Viewer

Search and view Wikipedia results

twitchTV screenshot


See users’ status.

tic tac toe screenshot

Tic Tac Toe

Play tic tac toe.

voting app screenshot

Voting App

Create and vote on polls

Nightlife App

Find and RSVP to nearby bars.

stock market app screenshot

Stock Market App

View and chart the stock market.

book club app screenshot

Book Club

Add books and view community books

pinterest clone app screenshot

Pinterest Clone

Add pictures and view commnity pictures

markdown previewer screenshot

Markdown Previewer

Create and vote on polls

camper leaderboard screenshot

Camper Leaderboard

View the camper leaderboard.

recipe box screenshot

Recipe Box

Build a recipe box.

game of life screenshot

Game of Life

Game of Life simulation

dungeon crawler screenshot

Dungeon Crawler

Playable dungeon crawler game

bar chart screenshot

Bar Chart

US Gross Domestic Product by quarter

scatter plot graph screenshot

Scatterplot Graph

Doping in professional bicycle racing

heat map screenshot

Heat Map

Monthly global land-surface temperature.

force shot screenshot

Force Directed Graph

Countries that share borders.

meteor map screenshot

Map Data Across the Globe

Where meteorites landed on a world map.